AI-powered innovation
1 day training

Empower your team’s innovation process with the power of creative AI in this training. Get to grips with the tools and techniques that can fuel and speed up your innovation processes, co-create concepts in no time, and get a clear view of what ethical AI usage means for your business.

Supercharge your team with AI in 1 day

With this 1-day AI-powered innovation training, your team will gain hands-on experience co-creating concepts with AI through an end-to-end strategy and innovation process.

We’ll guide you through the maze of applying AI in your specific context, take your team on an AI-powered innovation sprint, and define a roadmap to integrate AI practices into your organization.

AI powered innovation training

Groundbreaking agility and creativity. What a team, what a way to use AI.

Marcello Formisano | Head of Insights at Tata Consumer products

Key benefits from running an AI-powered innovation training

A guide in a complex landscape

Tackle the barriers to AI adoption within your business, and show your team how to responsibly innovate with AI.

Tailored training in using AI tools in innovation empowers your team to use AI ethically, avoid legal issues, and edge out the competition. Training in AI tools from both a regulatory and strategic perspective, equips businesses to sail confidently through the complex landscape, fostering innovation, while adhering to compliance norms.

AI boost your team

AI can help rapidly de-risk innovations and strategic decision-making through divergent and accelerated insights, freeing up your team to think creatively rather than just executing.

With AI tools, you can swiftly generate and analyze research, gaining valuable market and consumer insight. Embrace the broader divergence of ideation, perspectives, and data gathering that AI offers, instilling confidence in your decision-making.


Accelerate innovation

By applying creative techniques on real business challenges and learning new hands-on AI tools, people can broaden their mindset and learn how to break outside of the box when pursuing their day-to-day activities.

Using AI tools in innovation lets you plunge into the innovation journey, quickly crafting ideas and transforming them into actionable strategies. Our hands-on approach focuses on practical application and learning, making sure you don’t get bogged down in theory.

Generate +100 non-obvious ideas in a limited time span and develop the best ones into concrete concepts.

The approach

Experience what human + machine means. Have your team experience the use of Creative AI first hand, through a highly structured on site / hybrid program, facilitated by Board of Innovation coaches & supercharged with our latest curated list of tools.

This 1-day AI-powered innovation training is split in four sessions, designed to empower your team to innovate with AI as a co-pilot.


Strategic curation

Preparation of a personalized strategy and innovation case. Alignment with IT and compliance practices.

Curated materials and tools for organization specific case development.

Session 1

What is creative AI?

Learn about AI use cases, limitations and ethics, curated for your organization’s needs.

Aligned perspectives on the value of creative AI.

Onboarding and instruction on AI tools.

Session 2

Exponential insights & ideation

AI powered deep dive into insight generation, strategic exploration in a defined opportunity area.

Strategic and competitive analysis backed by joint human and rapid AI vetting.

Session 3

Exponential design & validation

Ideation and development of business model design and visual concepts.

Synthetic validation of solutions for rapid feedback.

Developed ideas and visualized concepts driven by AI.

Exponential ideation honed in by synthetic interviews.

Session 4

How to make it happen

Discuss learnings and define how Creative AI can be responsibly integrated into your organization’s ways of working.

A suite of concrete, actionable next steps to take AI forward in your organization.

The tools

Here are some (but not all) of the tools we could
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