Open Innovation, crowdsourcing, co-creation… overlapping terminologies to describe a trend towards more open business models and a closer collaboration with customers. On this page we gather a list of inspiring examples Jump to the Open innovation Examples list

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Map out partnerships and value networks? try our Business Model Kit

You can create your own business model visuals with our free digital package. Map out your business model idea, share it with others, and gather useful feedback to make it better! Our business model icons are available in multiple digital formats. These templates can be used to visually capture and communicate your business ideas. Use it to document your business plan or to pitch your venture to investors. It’s up to you!

Questions this brainstorm tool helps to solve:
+ How to exchange value between partners?
+ How to work with non-monetary payments?
+ Understand how IP rights or other assets flow between stakeholders?
+ Design a closed or open business model?

In this download:
16 icons in different formats (Powerpoint template, Omnigraffle stencil, PDF/vector files (can be opened in Adobe Illustrator). As an example we’ve visualized 30 business cases, together with printable brainstorm cards to give structure to your brainstorm.

Download now (26Mb)

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Intermediary Platforms

Research & Development platforms

Marketing, Design & Idea platforms

Collective Intelligence & Prediction platforms

HR & Freelancers platforms

Open innovation software

Intermediary open innovation services

Creative Co-creation

Corporate Initiatives

Product Ideas crowdsourcing

Branding & Design crowdsourcing

Peer Production & P2P

Public Crowdsourcing

Extra examples: Co-creation Platforms

Board of Innovation cooperated with mission-e-motion in an innovation study to combine new mobility with co-creation. We made a report (pdf download) as a part of the whole study, which bundles 20 benchmarks of existing co-creation platforms.


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