Brainstorm kit to design Business Models

Excel is not the most engaging innovation tool, is it? Discussions on business models often end up in total confusion. You’re talking about multiple revenue streams, tens of partners, and many transactions going back and forth. It’s pretty hard to keep all information top of mind, let alone be creative. That’s why we developed a visual brainstorm method for this kind of challenges! Perfect for individual and team brainstorms about new business ideas. For those who are familiar with the Business Model Canvas by Alex Osterwalder, this methods works in perfect harmony!

“If you think designing a business model is complex, difficult or boring…you must try the Business Model Toolkit from the Board of Innovation! It is simply brilliant, easy and flexible at the same time. The toolkit is an amazing way of seeing and designing business models.”

- Maria Ana Neves, Sintese Azul (UK)

The ideal tool to align Business Model discussions

+ A visual language to explain how you plan to make money.
+ Structure brainstorms to compare different revenue models
+ As easy as creating flow charts!
+ Perfectly suited to pitch a business idea to large group.
+ Unique methodology developed by Board of Innovation

One Business Model Kit is perfect for individual use or for a brainstorm with a small team of 3-5 people. The kit includes: 3×6 Stakeholder Magnets, 3×10 Transaction Magnets, a fine-point whiteboard marker and specially designed placeholder binder.


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Free digital download pack

You can create your own business model visuals with our free digital package. Map out your business model idea, share it with others, and gather useful feedback to make it better! Our business model icons are available in multiple digital formats. These templates can be used to visually capture and communicate your business ideas. Use it to document your business plan or to pitch your venture to investors. It’s up to you!

In this download:
All 16 icons in different formats
+ Powerpoint template
+ Omnigraffle stencil
+ PDF/vector files (can be opened in Adobe Illustrator)

Extra: Business Model Examples
+ 30 business cases visualized
+ Printable brainstorm cards

Download now (26Mb)

All files: Creative Commons License
Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


Tutorial: business model brainstorm tool

Looking for the right business model template or tool? Discover this unique set of engaging, game-like icons. Armed with a set of magnetic business model blocks, you and your team will be discussing world domination in no time! With 16 different icons at your disposal you can visualize literally any kind of business idea. Learn more on our brainstorm method or just hop over to the shop to get your own brainstorm kit.

Video: How to develop a new revenue model?

Whether you are reinventing your existing business model, developing a new partnership model, or looking for the best way to monetize your new product, a couple of steps and tips will be useful.

  • Find an inspiring spot and ideally some bright minds
  • Start by naming all the (potential) actors in your ecosystem
  • Map out the initial transactions with your customers
  • Add other transactions with suppliers, partners, and other stakeholders
  • Design new business model scenarios and play around with it
  • Find inspiration in successful business model examples