I built this alternative to Digital Banking: PITA Payments. This is what I learned from my Prototype.

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I’m working on a new service to rethink online banking. Before explaining my  experiment, I would like to ask 1 simple question: For me, checking payments and doing bills is just one of the many chores that I need to do. There is absolutely no sense of pleasure in doing these tasks. Take ‘trash collection’ as an example. At best … Read More

10 Essential Tips to Nail Your Next Hackathon

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A hackathon is a gathering where people from various departments within a company collaboratively work towards a common goal over a short period of time. At Board of Innovation, we recently organized a one-week Hackathon. The goal was to: “Reconnect an outdated product and business with user needs”. This hackathon ended with a clear business presentation and an interactive prototype … Read More

Workshop at the Intrapreneurship Conference + an extra 15% discount

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Between May 27 and May 29, the 5th edition of the Intrapreneurship Conference takes place. After editions in Brussels, Barcelona, Paris and Eindhoven, it’s time for London to host the conference. As Board of Innovation, we can proudly tell you that Nick De Mey (co-founder) will be speaking on this global event for corporate innovators. This conference is a must visit … Read More

27 options to find revenues for your new idea

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Why did we make a tool to find new revenues? As an agency specialised in business model innovation, we support our clients to develop sustainable new revenue streams. By asking the right questions, different options to ‘cash in on your new idea’ will arise. Unfortunately, we can’t be everywhere at the same time. That’s why we made a flowchart to help … Read More