This is how launching on Product Hunt for the first time, hammered our expectations.

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Last week, we launched our Business Model Kit to the Product Hunt community. It was the first time Nick and I launched a product on PH, so this blogpost is a great opportunity to look back on this (great) experience. Our Project Unlike many other projects on Product Hunt, our business model kit is not a new product. We had … Read More

We’re doing a €2.500 giveaway to support intrapreneurship : what we learned so far

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Free money experiment

As some of you might know, we launched a giveaway a while a ago. With this giveaway, we promised to spend €2.500 to cover intrapreneurial expenses. Since this campaign has been running for almost 4 weeks now, it’s time to review this experiment so far. First thing we noticed is that the necessity for ‘free money’ is not as high … Read More