How last year’s hottest startup is making money from their ‘free’ HR software

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Zenefits BM

Recently, the hottest startup of 2014, Zenefits raised another $500 million and got a $4.5 billion valuation. Time for us to analyse their business model, how are they making money from their ‘free’ HR software? Let’s start with the product, Zenefits is offering free cloud-based HR software to any company. So companies can centralise all of their employees’ information in … Read More

Launching a guerrilla club to stop innovation theatre.

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As an innovation agency, we’re used to getting corporates out of their comfort zones. In the last years we’ve experimented with a variety of approaches to boost innovation, from bootcamps, hackathons to corporate accelerators. What we often see, is that employees are ‘forced’ to innovate. They have to follow a strict process or are ‘dumped’ into a specific innovation program. Of … Read More

I built this alternative to Digital Banking: PITA Payments. This is what I learned from my Prototype.

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I’m working on a new service to rethink online banking. Before explaining my  experiment, I would like to ask 1 simple question: For me, checking payments and doing bills is just one of the many chores that I need to do. There is absolutely no sense of pleasure in doing these tasks. Take ‘trash collection’ as an example. At best … Read More