Curated for you by our team: Mustread innovation longreads

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summer longreads

Summer is coming, which means most of you take time for a vacation. While some people spend their holiday on a sunny beach, others prefer a ‘staycation’ to relax at home. No matter where you are, summer is absolutely a great time to catch up your reading. That’s why we decided to share some quality reading material with our fellow … Read More

Our predictions: what happened in the last 100 days?

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When we run an intrapreneurship program in a large corporate, we aim to push participants out their comfort zone. During several  exercises intrapreneurs have to brainstorm on what the future could bring to their organisation. Spotting emerging trends & technology is never easy.   To speed up this process we’ve create a FutureScan Poster with +200 predictions. Allow me to zoom … Read More

How to get your innovation team going with less than $100 on tools a month?

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Our experience tells us that many companies are in serious need of innovation, it’s even becoming a cliché. Startups are attacking existing and new markets at enormous speed.  So it’s about time to find the intrapreneurs within your company, and give them the right tools to get started. Before we get started, I’d like to say that if you have … Read More

Why many companies go on a retreat and why you should do this as well.

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Company retreat

Those who know Board of Innovation just a little might know that we’re all about getting people out of their comfort zone. With summer getting really close, we even want to translate our motto into ‘getting people out of the building’. Lately we’ve been thinking very much about retreats, company retreats to be more precise. With the temperature rising, it’s … Read More