Ignore focus groups: a guide to do your own customer validation

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When working with corporate teams I regularly face discussions on when and how to do customer research. For many managers talking to potential new customers is completely out of their comfort zone. I am convinced this is not with bad intentions as managers in large enterprise are mainly working in 3 modes: Do nothing (Talking to customers is the responsibility of someone else, other … Read More

The ultimate gift guide to boost innovation in your company

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The holiday season is coming, wondering which gift your boss / manager will give you this year? Or even better, you are in charge of the gifts this year. Great news, we’re sharing ‘our wishlist’ with you early this year. Since 2015 was a great year for intrapreneurship, let’s fill 2016 with even more new business ideas. At Board of … Read More

Hire a lean entrepreneur for one year. The story of Symbio

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At Board of Innovation we love to share our learnings as soon as we finish an innovation project. Not so long ago we shared the tools we used during a 3-day ideation brainstorm and a checklist to organize your own corporate innovation accelerator. Now we have something else for you, one of our colleagues joined a corporate startup for almost a … Read More

The tools & templates used in a 3 day ideation brainstorm. (Part 1)

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Recently I guided a 3 day ideation brainstorm for NGA HR at their HQ in London. This is the first 3-day workshop of 2 sessions to explore & develop new opportunities for this global HR service provider. (+8500 employees, +$850M turnover). In this post I’ll describe what tools we used to end up with a first selection of 13 concepts. Of course … Read More