The tools we used in our Innovation & Creativity training for PPG

Yves CreemersBoard Of Innovation, Innovation

Innovation & creativity training

Recently, me and my colleague Vincent facilitated a 2 day ‘Innovation & Creativity training’ for graduates of PPG, world’s leading coatings company (+46.000 employees, 15.4 Billion turnover). The overall goal of this training was to teach & inspire young graduates with the right techniques & knowledge to come up with creative solutions for challenges they face within PPG. This blogpost will guide … Read More

CASE: How we identified & selected the right intrapreneur for one of our latest corporate startup projects.

Arne Van BalenBoard Of Innovation, Intrapreneurship

SD Worx_Quest_Intrapreneur

For one or the projects we’ve been involved in lately, one of our challenges was to find the right intrapreneur to take the lead in an ongoing innovation project. When I say that “finding a qualified intrapreneur with the right fit for a corporate innovation project is very hard”, that’s an understatement. There are so many criteria you have to … Read More

10 inspiring facts to rethink your business in 2016

Simon De RuyterDaily Inspiration

First of all, Board of Innovation wishes you a happy and especially innovative 2016! If becoming more innovative is on your company’s 2016 resolution list, this selection of 10 inspiring facts and questions will definitely help you out. By the way, if being more innovative is not on your company’s priority list, it definitely should be ;)! Need more inspiration? … Read More

The perfect intrapreneur: a skillset

Yannick KhayatiBoard Of Innovation, Innovation, Intrapreneurship

Perfect intrapreneur

Intrapreneurship has become a hot topic, but who are these intrapreneurs? What makes them so special? Why are people saying that ‘intrapreneurs are the ones saving the future of the company’? Can you just grab an entrepreneur, wrap him in a suit and put him in a corporate environment? Great guess, that won’t work in most cases, therefore I’ve made … Read More