6 peculiar industries to steal business ideas from

How to pull big corporates out of their comfort zone

Pulling big corporations out of their comfort zone is a terrific way to make them innovate like startups. Confronting corporates with unconventional markets is one of the most effective tools to do this. This collection offers 30 controversial innovation tricks from 6 peculiar industries that we use in our intrapreneurial bootcamp sessions. Go ahead and […]

How overhyped tech can be used to discover emergent customer needs. – by @nickdemey


Don’t try to be Google, Apple or Amazon. Be a smart follower. When you need new revenue for your company, chances are that you don’t have the resources to go head-to-head with the giants in your industry. But often the innovators are opening up new needs. Follow in their tracks and pick up the cherries […]

iWatch concepts? You’re doing it wrong. Focus on the business model instead.


Although I was schooled as an industrial designer, I’ll give you a non-design-ish view on what to expect from the upcoming ‘iWatch’. If you’re looking for shiny, wet-dream mockups by fellow designers, I can point you to this endless stream of iWatch concepts that miss the mark. 99% of them strap a mini smartphone to […]

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Why entrepreneurs should play more games: discover new ways to make money.


Business model of most consumer products & services Many industries make the mistake of limiting how much a client can pay for their products. In the music industry, albums are still sold at a fixed price. As a result, even the most loyal fans can only pay €15 for an album. The gaming industry has […]

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