15 Business Models to copy + PDF Download with all cases

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People that follow us know that we’re very open to share ideas and inspiration. In our latest slide deck we’ve visualised 15 remarkable business model examples from innovative companies. If you want, you can download all examples as PDF.

We’ve looked at different industries: Health, banking & finance, travel, consumer goods, Telecom and so on. If you found other inspiring examples, feel free to share them in the comment section or via twitter.


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  • david kim

    So valuable to adapt other start ups! Thank you!

  • Fred Anonymous

    Sorry, I don’t endorse/tweet until I have read the “product”. So I didn’t dload – this is a “not so good” Internet exchange model.

    – Reasonably Sceptical

  • Claire Phelan

    Hi – awesome presentation! Paid with a post to Linked in but cannot find link to download the pdf itself? can you please send to me? thank you!

  • shereen datasynergo

    Data Synergo provides services that drive
    results in customer management cycles. An
    innovative provider of marketing services, we
    provide practical solutions for bridging the
    business relationship between clients and their
    customers. Our services support customer
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    lead qualification, customer acquisition and
    retention, event management, data analysis.

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  • HC

    Agree, not the most credible way to evangelize/market your product! At least an exec summary should be posted for the reader to decide if its worth the promotion/download!

  • Manoj

    Good stuff ..but even after posting it on linkedin, didn’t get the link…! Who should I blame ? You ? or PaywithaTweeet ? Please dont ask to share if you are not ready to share the ppt !

  • Manoj

    Same Story with me ! I think they are just bluffing ! They are asking to share the ppt on linkedin tweeter but not sharing the ppt !

  • Anonymous

    There must be something broken with the Paywithatweet service. I’ll ask their support to fix it. Anyhow, all the content & the full slide deck can be watched in the slideshow embedded in the blogpost or on slideshare.

  • Anonymous

    The full slide deck can be seen for free, without sharing or tweeting in the blog post above. Only if you think it is valuable you can decide to share/tweet. You can also customize the text that you tweet. Thanks for the feedback.

  • MG

    Well I just posted about this and downloaded the PDF. Worked like a charm! And this is the first time I came across ‘pay with a tweet’ thing. I think the doc deserves a tweet or post. At least they don’t make you register first and ask for subscription and sh*t.

  • Elnegrete

    This isk just a bluff, lime other persons I twitted and there is no link to download the cases…..

  • nickdemey

    I just checked and the link should work. (maybe Pay with a tweet was down?) Anyhow, it is a large file so it takes a couple of seconds before the actual download start. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Gfard

    Hello and very nice try!!
    I would like to know which “mapping” application you used for Business model representation…!

  • nickdemey

    We use Omnigraffle (Mac). You can use these digital icons to make your own visuals: https://www.paywithatweet.com/pay/?id=b23fb333f71092ff66cba23c95c9bf55

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  • Vahid

    I think it is a really fair Internet exchange model. Providing content is the most hard job on the net

  • jarmzarepublic

    Powerful and innovative way of doing business

  • guest

    have tried to download – using FB; LI and twitter – none of the links work for some reason…

  • aim

    New technic to still personal info… download link is not working

  • jalq

    1.Click on the “Slide Share” icon (bottom-right).

  • jalq

    1.Click on the “Slide Share” icon (bottom-right).